Upcoming events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Introduction to R: Management, Exploration, and Communication of data course Roxanne Beauclair 23-10-2017
TBA seminar Tolullah Oni 18-08-2017
TBA seminar Taryn Young 04-08-2017
TBA seminar Usuf Chikte 28-07-2017
TBA seminar Jean Nachega 21-07-2017

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Research at CANSA seminar Melissa Wallace 14-07-2017
Update on Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBE) initiative seminar Martin Nieuwoudt 07-07-2017
Modelling disease, resource use and patient cost: investing to improve the value of TB diagnostics in South Africa seminar Nicola Foster 30-06-2017
MMED 2017 workshop Various 29-05-2017
Recasting agent-based model calibration as a missing data problem seminar Prof. Wim Delva 26-05-2017

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