Upcoming events

Title Event type Presenter Date
TBA seminar Nicola Foster 30-06-2017
MMED 2017 workshop Various 29-05-2017
Modeling equine infectious anemia virus infection: virus dynamics, immune control, and escape seminar Elissa Schwartz 05-05-2017

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Estimating population-level HIV incidence by combining synthetic cohort and recency biomarker approaches: a demonstration using survey data from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa seminar Dr Eduard Grebe 21-04-2017
Catching the risk of infectious disease transmission with an individual-based model seminar Lander Willem 06-04-2017
Individual-based modelling in epidemiology: a practical introduction course Prof Wim Delva and Dr Lander Willem 27-03-2017
Stochastic dynamics in biology seminar Wilfred Ndifon 24-03-2017
Population-level impact of tuberculosis control interventions targeted to former TB patients in high-incidence settings seminar Florian Marx 17-03-2017

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