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Introduction to Epidemiology and Research Methodology Course Dr Jo Barnes 03-03-2020
The First National Tuberculosis modelling symposium Workshop Various Faculty leads 27-01-2020
Software Engineering for Applied Mathematical Sciences Workshop Various Faculty Leads 20-01-2020

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Estimated Impact of Human Papillomavirus vaccines on infection burden: The effect of HPV latency Seminar Cari Van Schalkwyk 29-11-2019
Resource Allocation and Vehicle Routing Problems in Epidemic Modelling Seminar Dr Linke Potgieter 15-11-2019
The Supply of and need of Medical specialists in South Africa Seminar Dr Anja Smith , Ms Shivani Ranchod 08-11-2019
A New Statistical Method for Estimating Population Parameters from Non-Random Samples:An Application to Multi -Drug resistant tuberculosis Seminar Prof Rulof Burger 18-10-2019
An introduction to the Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data, with Applications in R Course Dr Dimitris Rizopoulos 14-10-2019
Now Casting Trends : Adjusting for occurred but not yet reported disease onsets Seminar Prof Yan Ping 11-10-2019
Implementing the Right to Health through the Right to Enjoy the Benefits of Scientific Progress: Implications for neglected diseases such as Drug-Resistant TB Seminar Prof Leslie London 04-10-2019
Analysis of respiratory infection spread in a group of households using a mathematical model Seminar Ivy Kombe 18-09-2019
Research Days Conference Various 09-09-2019
Introduction to R: Management, Exploration, and Communication of data Course Dr Roxanne Beauclair 12-08-2019
Building capacity for detecting, understanding, and responding to vaccine hesitancy in Africa Seminar Dr Sara Cooper 02-08-2019
Stuttering chains of transmission seen in monkeypox, measles, and hospital-acquired infections Seminar Dr Seth Blumberg 12-07-2019
Clinic on the Meaningful Modelling of Epidemiological Data (MMED) Workshop Various 27-05-2019
Exploring the intersection of health genomics, clinical informatics and genetic epidemiology for research in African populations Seminar Dr Nicki Tiffin 24-05-2019
In sickness and in health: quantifying human and animal health linkages in rural Kenya Seminar Prof Thumbi Mwangi 23-05-2019
Mathematical Modelling of Mechanotransduction in Rheumatic Heart Diseases Patients Student Seminar Mary Ajibola Familusi 22-05-2019
Using quantitative bias analysis with epidemiologic data Course Dr Matthew Fox 13-05-2019
Heterogeneity in the risk of disease progression-implications for tuberculosis control in high-transmission settings Public lecture Dr Florian Marx 06-05-2019
Multi-scale methods of HIV infection and evolution Seminar Dr Lorenzo Pellis 26-04-2019
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Workshop Dr Lorenzo Pellis 25-04-2019
Jumping through the T-loops: Developing a new method for sequencing Telomeres Student Seminar Zoe Gill 17-04-2019
Accurate epidemic predictions: how much social structure do we need? Seminar Dr Lorenzo Pellis 15-04-2019
Enhancing vaccine policy and practice in Africa Seminar Prof Charles Wiysonge 05-04-2019
Respiratory disease burden, transmission and modelling in South Africa Seminar Assoc. Prof Cheryl Cohen 08-03-2019
Introduction to Epidemiology and Research Methodology Course Dr Jo Barnes 05-03-2019
Intracellular and immune-response delays effects on the interaction between tumor cells, oncolytic viruses and the immune system. Master's Defence Wanja Chabaari 01-03-2019
FameLab Heat Workshop Various 25-02-2019
Incorporating ‘rare mutations’ into in-vivo models of HIV replication. Seminar Prof Alex Welte 08-02-2019
Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data Workshop Various 16-12-2018
Designing effective control of mosquito-borne diseases by combining interventions Seminar Dr Tom Hladish 12-12-2018
Infectious disease forecasts: application to influenza and Ebola Seminar Cecile Viboud 30-11-2018
Software Engineering Workshop for Applied Mathematical Sciences (SEAMS) Workshop Various Faculty Leads 26-11-2018
Joint modelling of HCV and HIV from cross-sectional serological data Seminar Birhanu Ayele 23-11-2018
My Potential research projects for 2019 Seminar Marijn Hazelburg 21-11-2018
Use of a Home-based Testing Program for Longitudinal Estimation of HIV Incidence in Namibia’s Zambezi Region Seminar Andrew Maher 16-11-2018
Estimated impact of HPV vaccines on infection burden: the effect of structural assumptions Seminar Cari Van Schalkwyk 09-11-2018
Age-Mixing Patterns and Associations Between Patner Age Differences and Relationship Charactersitics that Affect HIV Trasnmission Risk Master's Defence Emmanuel Muema Dominic 07-11-2018
“A multisite analysis of population based cross-sectional HIV/AIDS data to assess the cascade of care in the era of wide spread preventive and treatment programs in four high HIV prevalence sub-Saharan countries: Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Zimbabwe”. Student Seminar Menard Chihana 31-10-2018
PROMOTING FUTURE HEALTH. Why are our children and what they learn in school so important? Seminar Andrew MacNab 26-10-2018
The impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis on HIV antibody maturation Seminar Ivana Parker 19-10-2018
The weakest link: Exploring global uncertainty and sensitivity of extinction probability for tsetse flies (Glossina spp) Seminar Elisha Are 17-10-2018
Estimating and monitoring child health at population level: A model-based assessment of health facility-based data. Student Seminar Tracy Glass 10-10-2018
A population's STI prevalence is largely determined by the connectivity of its sexual network and the genital microbiome this produces Seminar Prof Chris Kenyon 05-10-2018
TB-associated mortality in South Africa: longitudinal trends and the impact of health system interventions. Student Seminar Muhammad Osman 03-10-2018
Vaccination against TB: old dog and new tricks Seminar Assoc. Prof Tom Scriba 28-09-2018
Trying to better understand the burden of childhood tuberculosis: accidental adventures in modelling Seminar Dr James A Seddon 21-09-2018
Sacema research days Conference Various 10-09-2018
The Future and Past Impact of Early Access to Art on HIV Incidence in Eswatini: A Modelling Study Seminar Prof Wim Delva 31-08-2018
Challenges and Opportunities in Epidemiological Forecasting Seminar Prof Juliet Pulliam 17-08-2018
Biophysical approaches to host-pathogen cellular interactions Seminar Dr Rhoda J Hawkins 10-08-2018
Advanced Epidemiological Methods Course Dr Matthew Fox 30-07-2018
Modeling and simulation to optimize HIV prevention research: group discussion Seminar Prof Wim Delva 09-07-2018
Introduction to R: Management, exploration, and communication of data Course Dr Roxanne Beauclair 02-07-2018
Clinic on Meaningful Modelling of Epidemiological Data (MMED) Workshop Various 28-05-2018
Optimal HIV testing strategies to increase HIV diagnosis in South Africa Seminar Dr Leigh Johnson 25-05-2018
Introducing non-reversible nucleotide substitution models in HIV phylogenetic inference Seminar Rita Sianga 23-05-2018
Individual-Based Modelling in Epidemiology Course Prof. Wim Delva & Dr. Lander Willem 14-05-2018
Comparing Methods for Approximate Bayesian Computation Seminar Zenabu Suboi 09-05-2018
On the efficiency of HIV models: Insights through discrete time HIV models. Seminar Dr Sarudzai Showa 04-05-2018
The significance of mathematical models in oncology: Describing the dynamics of cancer progression and treatment. Seminar Dr Larisse Bolton 02-05-2018
Strengthen Immunization Programs in Africa and Opportunities for Modelling Seminar Dr Benjamin Kagina 20-04-2018
Modelling the evolution of influenza across scales. Seminar Venetia Karamitsou 18-04-2018
Applications of group theory in Mathematical Biology. Seminar Prof Kesh Govinder 13-04-2018
Possible implications of a correlation between sexual risk behaviour and treatment status. Seminar Elise Kuylen 12-04-2018
Evidence-Based Medicine in Vaccinology: A Study of Hepatitis A in South Africa. Seminar Jenna Patterson 11-04-2018
Epidemiology of albinism and population genetics Seminar Prof Mark Roberts & Dr Patricia Lund 06-04-2018
Vaccine decision making in South Africa: A discrete choice experiment Seminar Frederik Verelst 04-04-2018
Quantitative Risk Assessment for African Horse Sickness in Live Horses Exported from South Africa. Seminar John Grewar 23-03-2018
Rubella vaccine introduction in the South African public health sector: mathematical modelling for decision making. Seminar Dr Nkengafac Villyen Motaze 16-03-2018
Community-based HTS: Using a case study from Cape Town to provide evidence-based lessons learnt for program implementation. Seminar Dr Sue-Ann Meehan 09-03-2018
Simulating individual HIV viral load trajectories with partial antiretroviral therapy adherence. Seminar Prof Maia Lesosky 23-02-2018
Triaging a Public Health Response: Dengvaxia. Seminar Carl A.B Pearson 16-02-2018
The Tsetse Fly: Glossina austeni and Glossina brevipalpis – A Review of the Biology, Ecology, Distribution and Models. Seminar Nada Abdelatif 09-02-2018
Better with age: insights on measles persistence and control. Seminar Prof Matthew Ferrari 07-02-2018
Assessment of a measles outbreak response vaccination campaign, and two measles parameter estimation methods. Seminar James Mba Azam 02-02-2018
Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data Workshop Various 10-12-2017
The epidemiological relevance of tuberculosis in children Seminar Prof. Anneke Hesseling 24-11-2017
Estimating probabilities of extinction in environments with varying climate Seminar Prof. John Hargrove 22-11-2017
Bayesian Biostatistics Course Prof. Emmanuel Lesaffre 20-11-2017
Pattern and process: using models to improve population health Seminar Prof. Juliet Pulliam 17-11-2017
Environmental and social factors impacting on epidemic and endemic tuberculosis: A modelling analysis Seminar Dr. Chacha Issarow 10-11-2017
Preparing global estimates of trends and needs for the HIV pandemic Seminar Mr. John Stover 03-11-2017
Of individual-based models infectious disease epidemiology, and the data they are fitted to Seminar Prof. Wim Delva 27-10-2017
Introduction to R: Management, exploration, and communication of data Course Roxanne Beauclair 23-10-2017
Drought and other disasters in the Western Cape - facing reality Seminar Dr. Jo Barnes 20-10-2017
The aerobiology of TB transmission Seminar Robin Wood 13-10-2017
Climate change and vector-borne diseases Seminar Dr. Nick Ogden 29-09-2017
Dating HIV infections Seminar Prof. Alex Welte 22-09-2017
Doctoral defence: The effects of longitudinal HIV viral load exposure on Immune outcomes, Mortality, and Opportunistic infections amongst ART naive patients in sub-Saharan Africa Seminar Joseph B. Sempa 21-09-2017
On thinking about epidemics Seminar Prof. Juliet Pulliam 15-09-2017

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