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MMED 2018-Clinic on Meaningful Modelling of Epidemiological Data workshop Various 28-05-2018

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data workshop Various 10-12-2017
The epidemiological relevance of tuberculosis in children seminar Anneke Hesseling 24-11-2017
Estimating probabilities of extinction in environments with varying climate seminar Prof. John Hargrove 22-11-2017
Bayesian Biostatistics course Prof. Emmanuel Lesaffre 20-11-2017
Pattern and process: using models to improve population health seminar Prof. Juliet Pulliam 17-11-2017
Environmental and social factors impacting on epidemic and endemic tuberculosis: A modelling analysis seminar Dr. Chacha Issarow 10-11-2017
Preparing global estimates of trends and needs for the HIV pandemic seminar Mr. John Stover 03-11-2017
Of individual-based models infectious disease epidemiology, and the data they are fitted to seminar Prof. Wim Delva 27-10-2017
Introduction to R: Management, exploration, and communication of data course Roxanne Beauclair 23-10-2017
Drought and other disasters in the Western Cape - facing reality seminar Dr. Jo Barnes 20-10-2017
The aerobiology of TB transmission seminar Robin Wood 13-10-2017
Climate change and vector-borne diseases seminar Dr. Nick Ogden 29-09-2017
Dating HIV infections seminar Prof. Alex Welte 22-09-2017
Doctoral defence: The effects of longitudinal HIV viral load exposure on Immune outcomes, Mortality, and Opportunistic infections amongst ART naive patients in sub-Saharan Africa seminar Joseph B. Sempa 21-09-2017
On thinking about epidemics seminar Prof. Juliet Pulliam 15-09-2017
Masters defence: Using species distribution models for spatial conservation planning of African penguins seminar Frieda Geldenhuys 13-09-2017
Objectives matter in epidemiology: Optimal management of foot-and-mouth disease, measles, and ebola seminar Prof. Katriona Shea 13-09-2017
Workshop on optimal control of disease outbreaks under uncertainty workshop Prof. Katriona Shea 11-09-2017
Improving the estimation of temporal trends in HIV incidence by calibrating agent-based simulation models to phylogenetic tree data seminar Prof. Wim Delva 08-09-2017
SACEMA research days conference Various 21-08-2017
Masters defence: Analysis of partner turnover rate and the lifetime number of sexual partners in Cape Town using generalized linear models seminar Christianah Olojede 18-08-2017
TB in the context of epidemiological transition and urbanisation seminar Tolullah Oni 18-08-2017
The role of researchers in knowledge translation seminar Taryn Young 04-08-2017
Addressing the Achilles' hell in the HIV care continuum to achieve the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets seminar Jean Nachega 21-07-2017
Research at CANSA seminar Melissa Wallace 14-07-2017
Update on Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBE) initiative seminar Martin Nieuwoudt 07-07-2017
Modelling disease, resource use and patient cost: investing to improve the value of TB diagnostics in South Africa seminar Nicola Foster 30-06-2017
MMED 2017 workshop Various 29-05-2017
Recasting agent-based model calibration as a missing data problem seminar Prof. Wim Delva 26-05-2017
A meta-analysis of the association between intimate partner violence and age disparity in sub-Saharan Africa seminar Fanuel Omondi Otieno 19-05-2017
Modeling equine infectious anemia virus infection: virus dynamics, immune control, and escape seminar Elissa Schwartz 05-05-2017
Quantifying the effects of land-cover change and climate on savannah tsetse population dynamics: implications for surveillance and control seminar Dr Jennifer Lord 26-04-2017
Estimating population-level HIV incidence by combining synthetic cohort and recency biomarker approaches: a demonstration using survey data from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa seminar Dr Eduard Grebe 21-04-2017
Catching the risk of infectious disease transmission with an individual-based model seminar Lander Willem 06-04-2017
Individual-based modelling in epidemiology: a practical introduction course Prof Wim Delva and Dr Lander Willem 27-03-2017
Stochastic dynamics in biology seminar Wilfred Ndifon 24-03-2017
Population-level impact of tuberculosis control interventions targeted to former TB patients in high-incidence settings seminar Florian Marx 17-03-2017
Overcoming communicable and non-communicable diseases in Africa: a lost battle? seminar Gaston Mazandu 10-03-2017
Supporting malaria elimination in the Asia-Pacific through mathematical modelling seminar Sheetal Silal 03-03-2017
Strengths and limitations of mechanistic approaches in mathematical modelling studies seminar Jacky Snoep 24-02-2017
The population health impact of the distribution of free antiretroviral medication in South Africa seminar Eddy Van Doorslaer 17-02-2017
Virus dynamics, immune control, and escape: HIV, EIAV, & Influenza seminar Elissa Schwartz 10-02-2017
Partner turnover rate and the lifetime number of sexual partners in Cape Town seminar Christianah Oyindamola Olojede 27-01-2017
Intimate Partner Violence and Age Disparity in Sub-Saharan Africa seminar Fanuel Omondi Otieno 25-01-2017
Whole body modelling of glucose metabolism in malaria patients seminar Kathleen Green 20-01-2017
Immune Biomarker Reference Range Estimation for Healthy Paediatric Patients in South Africa seminar Cygu, Steve Bicko 18-01-2017
The CEPHIA Collaboration:Making sense of competing claims about the meaning and performance of tests for recent HIV infection seminar Alex Welte 25-11-2016
The effects of longitudinal HIV viral load exposure on Immune outcomes, Mortality, and Opportunistic infections amongst ART na´ve patients in sub-Saharan Africa seminar Joseph Sempa 18-11-2016
Mathematical modeling of oncolytic potency and reduced virus tumor-specificity in virotherapy. seminar KJ Mahasa 11-11-2016
Modelling HIV in South Africa's provinces seminar Leigh Johnson 04-11-2016
"The role of biopolymers in the immune response to fungal infection" seminar Dr Rhoda Hawkins and Dr Simon Johnston 27-10-2016
To be announced seminar Rhoda Hawkins & Simon Johnston 27-10-2016
Bayesian Analysis of Longitudinal Studies course Emmanuel Lesaffre 24-10-2016
Viral Hepatitis: An Emerging Challenge for HIV Medicine seminar Wolfgang Preiser 21-10-2016
External Bursaries deadline 17-10-2016
Appropriate Complexity Modeling of Zoonotic Disease: Anthrax, Ebola and Zika seminar Wayne M Getz 14-10-2016
Responding to the Zika virus epidemic in Venezuela: scientific insights and lessons learned. seminar Gabriela Blohm 07-10-2016
The trickery of the cornered cat. Estimating HIV incidence using biomarkers: are we ever going to be able to get this cat into a bag? seminar Prof John Hargrove 30-09-2016
Of stars, trees and networks seminar Prof Wim Delva SACEMA 23-09-2016
Internal Bursaries deadline 19-09-2016
Ending AIDS in Africa: Myth or reality? Or Why do we do what we do? seminar Dr Brian Williams, SACEMA 09-09-2016
SACEMA ~ Changing of the Guard Host: Juliet Pulliam 02-09-2016
Loss of synchrony and changes in spatial dynamics from mass vaccination against measles seminar Prof Ottar Bjornstad, Penn State University 02-09-2016
Predicting undiscovered filovirus reservoirs and patterns of disease emergence seminar Dr David T. S. Hayman, Massey University 08-08-2016
The role of human travel on infectious disease dynamics seminar Dr Amy Wesolowski 08-07-2016
Modeling to inform introduction of rubella-containing vaccine seminar Dr Jessica Metcalf, Princeton University 08-07-2016
MMED 2016 workshop Various 30-05-2016
Using Quantitative Bias Analysis with Epidemiologic Data course Matthew Fox 18-05-2016
SACEMA Research Days 2016 meeting Various 11-04-2016
Bayesian Biostatistics course Emmanuel Lesaffre 04-04-2016
Introduction to Epidemiology & Research Methodology course Jo Barnes 01-03-2016
Bayesian Analysis of Longitudinal Studies course Prof Emmanuel Lesaffre 26-11-2015
Introduction to the Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data, with Applications in R course Dr Dimitris Rizopoulos 19-10-2015
Missing Data course Jonathan Bartlett 16-09-2015
MMED course Various 01-06-2015
Advanced Epidemiological Methods course Matthew Fox 18-05-2015
Adherence Clubs in Gugulethu -- title awaited seminar Anna Grimsrud 07-05-2015
Malaria meeting workshop Bob Snow et al 21-04-2015
Research Days 2015 meeting SACEMA students and staff 24-03-2015
To be announced seminar Alana de la Harpe 20-03-2015
Work in progress seminar Neema Mosha 13-03-2015
Network Modeling of HIV: Theory and Applications seminar Margaret Brandeau 12-03-2015
TB Modelling Workshop workshop Various 09-03-2015
Improving influenza vaccine effectiveness seminar Dr Wilfred Ndifon 06-03-2015
Introduction to Epidemiology and Research Methodology course Jo Barnes 10-02-2015
SACEMA Seminar: Lungiswa Nkonki seminar Dr Lungiswa Nkonki 04-04-2014
SACEMA Research Days 2014 conference Various 19-03-2014
Bayesian Biostatistics course Prof. Emmanuel Lesaffre 04-11-2013
Introduction to the Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data, with Applications in R course Dr. Dimitris Rizopoulos 28-10-2013
Advanced Epidemiological Methods course Matt Fox 19-08-2013

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