2-6 July 2012. (co-sponsored by AIMS). Applications of Mathematics in Biology and Medicine. 5-day Course. Course completed.

Posted on Mon, Jul 02 2012 01:00:00

To Download the PDF file for this course, click here.

Applications for this course have closed.


Presenter Slides
Sehun Chung SehunChun2012
Roxy Beauclair Applications of maths in biology & medicine
Rachid Ouifki AIMS_SUN (pdf)
  AIMS_SUN (ppt)
Leigh Johnson AIMS lecture 2012
John Hargrove Epi Intro July 2012
Jackie Snoep AIMS_Jacky_Dawie
  Tut Mat Mol Bio
Ingrid Rewitzky Biomathematics Honour Presentation
  Biomathematics Honours Bursary Application Form
  Biomathematics Information 2013
  Bio Maths Honours Poster
Gert van Zyl Phylogenetics in clinical virology_2012 (pdf)
  Phylogenetics in clinical virology_2012 (ppt)
Gavin Hitchcock Elephant
  Simple Maths Models
  What is Maths Modelling
Alex Welte Compartmental Modelling In A Nutshell

The South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA), in association with AIMS, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to attend the above course.  Its purpose is to introduce South African students on mathematical science courses to the wide range of applications of mathematical and statistical techniques in various areas of biology (especially human biology) and medicine.