Bayesian Analysis of Longitudinal Studies: 24-28 October 2016, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Posted on Sat, Aug 27 2016 12:46:00

Prof. Emmanuel Lesaffre of the Leuven Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics Centre (L-BioStat), Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, presented this intensive five-day course at Stellenbosch, under the auspices of SACEMA, in association with the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Stellenbosch. The course took place from 24-28 October 2016 at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), adjacent to SACEMA.

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Course summary:

Many statistical practitioners make use of the Bayesian approach because it allows analyses on highly structured data. An important class of models involves the analysis of follow-up studies, i.e. longitudinal-, survival studies or a combination of the two. We will illustrate the Bayesian approach for the analysis of such data, by means of examples, and focus on the analysis of longitudinal studies. For instance, Bayesian implementations will be illustrated on (generalized and non-linear) linear mixed models with non-standard distributions for the random parts, growth curve models, pharmaco-kinetic models, multivariate mixed models, joint mixed models of several random variables, longitudinal models with smooth subject-specific evolutions, longitudinal models with informative measurement times, etc. Finally, we will look at joint modeling of the survival and longitudinal process. Examples will be analysed using WinBUGS/OpenBUGS/JAGS and R-versions of them, but also dedicated R-software.


Emmanuel Lesaffre

Emmanuel Lesaffre is Professor of Biostatistics at L-Biostat, K.U.Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. His research interests include Bayesian methods, longitudinal data analysis, statistical modelling, analysis of dental data, interval censored data, misclassification issues and clinical trials. He has written more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed statistical and medical journals. He is the founding chair of the Statistical Modelling Society, past-president of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics and fellow of ISI and ASA. He has (co-authored six books, including that on Bayesian Biostatistics (2012) recommended for the course.

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