Call for SACEMA Postgraduate Bursaries 2021: Now closed

Posted on Mon, May 04 2020 16:31:00

SACEMA Postgraduate Bursary applications: Now closed

SACEMA invites applications for bursaries to study towards Masters or PhD degrees in fields relating to epidemiological modelling and biostatistics. A background in quantitative methods is required, and interdisciplinary experience is welcome. Previous exposure to SACEMA's core research areas will be an advantage, and priority will be given to applicants demonstrating high motivation and affinities for SACEMA’s mission and goals.



All SACEMA-funded students must work on a research project of direct relevance to SACEMA’s mission and are required to attend Research Days each year, with the associated costs being covered by SACEMA. SACEMA provides research facilities and a stimulating environment in which scientists can interact to transcend disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Most bursaries are given to internal students, though external bursaries for work conducted in collaboration with SACEMA researchers are also available. Key features of the two bursary types are outlined below.

Internal students

   Must be registered at SU; in most cases must be physically based at SACEMA

   Project proposal is developed post-application

   Sponsored participation in SACEMA-run short courses

   Eligible to apply for travel support

   Regular seminar attendance expected

External students

   Not physically based at SACEMA

   May register at any South African university for Masters or PhD; must have a SACEMA-affiliated supervisor or co-supervisor

   Students work on pre-approved projects; applicants must be invited to submit a bursary application

   Participation in SACEMA-run short courses requires application and payment

   Student and supervisor must jointly visit SACEMA within the first year of funding


The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA) is a national research centre based at Stellenbosch University. SACEMA's core mission is to improve health in South Africa and across the continent through modelling and analysis. We use tools from the quantitative and life sciences to address problems of relevance to health in Africa. The core of our research programme consists of four research themes within two broader research areas (Biomarkers, drug targets, and diagnostics; Transmission dynamics and interventions). Student projects must fall within these themes, which are outlined in the schematic below:  

Further enquiries may be directed to: SACEMA Training Coordinator, Faikah Bruce, at