Call for SACEMA Postgraduate Bursaries 2019 : Now Closed

Posted on Tue, May 15 2018 12:00:00

Funding call for Masters and PhD Programmes for 2019

Internal bursary applications: Now closed

External bursary applications: Now Closed

Emerging Researcher Fund applications: Now Closed

SACEMA invites applications for bursaries to study towards Masters or PhD degrees in fields relating to epidemiological modelling and biostatistics. A background in quantitative methods is required, and interdisciplinary experience is welcome. Previous exposure to SACEMA's core research areas will be an advantage, and priority will be given to applicants demonstrating high motivation and affinities for SACEMA’s mission and goals.



All SACEMA-funded students must work on a research project of direct relevance to SACEMA’s mission and are required to attend Research Days each year, with the associated costs being covered by SACEMA.

Internal students

   Must be registered at SU; in most cases must be physically based at SACEMA

   Free participation in SACEMA-run short courses

   Project proposal is developed post-application

   Eligible to apply for travel support (as per SOP)

   Regular seminar attendance expected

External students

   Not physically based at SACEMA

   Registered for a PhD at any SA University with a SACEMA-affiliated or approved supervisor

   Proposal is required as part of application

   Participation in SACEMA-run short courses requires application and payment

   Eligible to apply for travel support to visit SACEMA

The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA) is a national research centre based at Stellenbosch University. The centre is dedicated to the modelling of disease transmission and progression, focusing on South Africa's major health challenges. SACEMA provides research facilities and a stimulating environment in which scientists can interact to transcend disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Our goal is to engage innovatively with fundamental issues in epidemiology and produce quantitative evidence to guide important decisions in national and international health policy. It is part of SACEMA's mission to foster links and generate interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers at other institutions, hence bursaries are also available for applicants who intend to be based at another institution in South Africa, and supervised there.

Priority research areas for SACEMA bursaries include:

  • Surveillance of HIV and other infections/conditions; in particular, incidence estimation methods and their application.
  • Discovery and validation of HIV and TB biomarkers with clinical and surveillance applications.
  • Individual-based modelling approaches for the transmission and spread of sexually transmitted infections; in particular, methods for the calibration of individual-based models to empirical data.
  • Evaluating options for the control and prevention of infectious diseases; in particular, use of models to improve outbreak response, and strategic interventions in the face of high burdens of HIV and TB.
  • Zoonotic and vector borne diseases; in particular, the impact of climate change on tsetse-borne trypanosomiasis.
  • Interactions between infectious diseases and chronic conditions, at the scale of individuals or populations.

For further details, instructions, and application forms, go to:

Further enquiries may be directed to: SACEMA Training Coordinator, Masimba Paradza, at