PhD Students

Nada Abdelatif

Stellenbosch University
Prof John Hargrove, Prof Kesh Govinder

Modelling the population dynamics and spread of African Trypanosomiasis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Timothy Awine

University of Cape Town
Dr Sheetal P Silal

The malaria elimination agenda: Prospects for Ghana using mathematical modelling tools

James Mba Azam

Stellenbosch University
Prof Juliet Pulliam, Prof Matthew Ferrari

Measles outbreak response vaccination: a dynamical assessment of the role of the vaccine logistics and supply chain

Faikah Bruce

Stellenbosch University
Dr Leigh Johnson, Prof Alex Welte

The effect of adolescent-focused HIV prevention methods on HIV incidence and drug-resistance in South Africa: a model-based evaluation

Menard Chihana

University of Cape Town
Dr Mary-Ann Davies, Dr David Maman

A multisite analysis of population based cross-sectional HIV/AIDS data to assess the cascade of care in the era of wide spread preventive and treatment programs in four high HIV prevalence sub-Saharan countries: Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Zimbabwe

Lucy Andere Chimoyi-Otwombe

University of Witwatersrand
Dr Salome Charalambous, Dr Eustasius Musenge, Dr Nishila Moodley

Modelling latent tuberculosis infection diagnosis and treatment among healthcare workers in South Africa

Mary Familusi

University of Capetown
A/Prof Sebastian Skatulla

Mathematical modelling of mechanotransduction in rheumatic heart disease

Buri Gershom

Stellenbosch University
Dr Wilfred Ndifon

Quantification of the ageing of the human immune system

Zoe Gill

University of Cape Town
Dr Wilfred Ndifon, Dr Mohlopheni Jackson Marakalala

A new method for high-resolution telomere length mapping in T cell subsets

Abdul-Karim Iddrisu

University of Cape Town
Dr Freedom Gumedze

Sensitivity analysis frameworks in longitudinal clinical trials with missing data and protocol deviations

Mmamapudi Kubjane

University of Cape Town
Dr Leigh Johnson, Dr Tolullah Oni

Modelling the effects of HIV, diabetes, vitamin D deficiency and household overcrowding on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in South Africa

Takura Kupamupindi

University of Cape Town
Dr Sheetal Silal

Modeling malaria elimination in Zimbabwe

Andrew Maher

Stellenbosch University
Prof Alex Welte

Use of a Home-based Testing Program for Population-Level Estimates of HIV Incidence: Demonstration and Critical Assessment of a Novel Surveillance Method in Namibia's Zambezi Region.

Laurette Mhlanga

Stellenbosch University
Prof Alex Welte

Time/age smoothing/interpolation of prevalence data to optimise incidence estimation from population/survey data

Lactatia Motsuku

Stellenbosch University
Prof J Pulliam, Dr M Muchengeti, C van Schalkwyk


Elton Mukonda

University of Cape Town
Prof Maia Lesosky

Optimising chronic disease monitoring in resource limited settings

David Niyukuri

Stellenbosch University
Prof Wim Delva

Combining sexual behavioural survey data, phylodynamics and agent-based simulation models towards a unified framework for HIV prevention research

Jenna Patterson

University of Cape Town
Dr Benjamin Kagina, Dr Rudzani Muloiwa, Dr Sheetal Silal, Dr Susan Cleary, Prof Gregory Hussey

Evidence-Based vaccinology: a study of hepatitis A in South Africa

Tamsin Kate Phillips

University of Cape Town
Prof Landon Myer, Prof Catherine Orrell

Understanding maternal adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected women through pregnancy, breastfeeding and into ongoing ART care

Miguel Julio Rodo

University of Cape Town
Prof Thomas Scriba

Systems Immunology of successful and failed control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Rita Sianga

University of Cape Town
Prof Darren Martin

Analysis of the non-reversibility of HIV and its impact on the phylogenetic analysis of HIV

Eva Liliane Ujeneza

Stellenbosch University
Prof Martin Nieuwoudt, Dr Wilfred Ndifon

Modelling the dynamics of CD4 T-cell reconstitution of HIV infected patients on HAART

MSc Students

Jeremy Bingham

Stellenbosch University
Dr Eduard Grebe, Prof Alex Welte

Estimating the value of perfect test-sensitivity information for blood bank screening algorithms

Lauren Brown

Stellenbosch University
Ms C van Schalkwyk


Tumelo D Sereo

Stellenbosch University
Prof J Pulliam


Biomaths Honours Students

Emerging Researchers

Villyen Motaze

Stellenbosch University
Prof Charles Wiysonge

Burden of congenital rubella syndrome and potential impact of rubella vaccine introduction in South Africa